Vision City

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whole house remodeling
tsuen wan

Modern french design is informed, composed, and adventurous

- inspired by Paris

Pursuing a Modern-French style as design principle,
a mix of rustic and refined elements is incorporated in this apartment.

Detail drawings

Modern french design is informed, composed, and adventurous - inspired by Paris itself. it is a stunning blend of sophistication, incorporating bold elements in traditional design.

Designer demonstrates this contemporary design through lines, shapes and materials. Classic moulding on cabinet doors and wall panels; quicksand marble pattern on TV feature wall; high contrast on flooring color with dark wood and clean marble.

Master Bedroom

Entering master bedroom, the grey-toned elements coherence the style of living and dining room. Regardless the wall color, black leather-grained wardrobe, and storage platforms, all of which are arranged in dark tones.

Benefits of having tailor-made furniture is that you could never find the same design else where, you will have one and only unique design. For instant, our headboard is made from two layers of cushion with bedside wall lamp installed, ordering high quality fabric and leather from Italy, satisfying client’s requirements of both aesthetic and durable.

By using different materials with same earth tone color could we echo the whole design language well while providing variety of details to look at. Soft furniture is also vital element for highlighting the space.


Sharp pastel color is emerged on feature wall, rust red strips wallcovering enhances the texture. Due to client’s feng-shui requirement, brass strip partition prevents the bed from facing the entrance directly while maintains transparency and the use of sunlight.