Elizabeth House

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Whole House Remodeling
Causeway Bay

Starting from the collection of art piece in the entrance hall, it is not onlyan artistic welcoming space, but also gives a hint of theextraordinary life taste of the owner. The living room is firstdecorated with elegant grey velvet tones, then is embellished withthe exquisite French line panels and dark tone stones, which haswisely outlined a fashionable atmosphere with an artistic heritage.With the stunning Victoria Harbour Sea view outside the windows, and the mysterious French style makes the entire space more storytelling.

The overall design of living room is dark and ochre, which has created aquiet and implicit atmosphere. Matching with modern French stylefurniture and cabinets, it brings up the smell of the originalFrench. From the rough and calm Bordeaux stone TV wall to theiron-grey floor tiles, a cold and rational scene has been stacked up.

Work in concert with the lighting, in order to balance the colourtemperature, in the quiet black and white base, the original beam iscoated with amber artistic paint to resolve the possibility ofoppression and tension, with using high-chroma textures as the colourflash, creating a harmonious but vivid picture.

In the semi-open kitchen space, a large area of ​​ebony veneer isinjected, with the contrast of metallic lustre of the stainless-steeliron parts, it creates a stable and relaxing atmosphere, vaguelyrevealing the low-key beauty of French style.