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New-Home Renovation
Ma On Shan

“ClassicalFrench life is a trace of yearning for running in the urban jungle”

Drawing inspirations from French architects’ style, our designer creates ablend of classic and modern French theme style of the owner’s home. Through the use of selectively chosen materials, the designer isthen able to interweave the past and present to bring about life tothis neo-classical French atmosphere.

Walking through the entrance hall, a sense of elegancy is created by theeye-catching Italian Valpaint vintage art wall, accompany with theclassy and delicate wainscot.  Interweaving the warm grey toned walland the textured stone pattern in the dining area, it createsdifferent ages of the French style.  Instead of placing tangledaccessories, a modest dark-green sofa is chosen, which once againemphasises the owner’s extraordinary pursuit for the quality oflifestyle.

In the master bedroom, the velvet grey wallpaper on the bedside wall isinterweaving with the khaki leather headboard, echoing the livingroom space. A warm-yellow toned light from the pendant lamp on theright side gives the owner a cosy vibe when coming back home at latenight. Seeking differences among the common, the design keeps thevisual consistency, but also allows to appreciate every various bitof details, with the ray of light coming through the windows makingeverything in the space to flow naturally.

Break with tradition concept of using tile base with a ceramic basin, themaster bathroom uses an Italian water-proof paint for the walls and acustomised yellow travertine with quicksand pattern as the basin,along with the French classic lace framed mirror as the main theme,reflecting a variety of styles, stacking a soft romantic Frenchatmosphere.  Meanwhile, the space in guest bathroom reflects a modernneo-classical aesthetics, with using brushed steel colour sanitaryware and marble pattern tiles, which also forms a retro classicFrench aesthetics.