Lohas Park LP10

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New-Home Renovation
Lohas Park

The exquisite and high-end French design in this coastal unit, with thecombination of different materials, has fade away the prosperity, inthe meanwhile, the simpler and richer it is, the more plentiful andrhythmic the experience of living is, crafting a both beautiful andpractical luxurious residence.

The marble and quicksand stone patterns echo each other, expanding thescale of the space, giving rise to a sense of grandeur, extending thevisual effect, and at the same time leading the movement of thespace. The living room, dining room and entrance are the adjacentopen layout, generating a bright living space that the owner desires.Light-toned stone and neutral-coloured wood maintain a neat but warmdesign in this spacious area, while the large arc-shaped sofa makesthe entire living room non-standard.

The ceiling with a curvy design has outlined a delicate charm. Through asubtle technique, French elements and colours are blended to create asense of wholeness and hierarchy. To avoid the straightforward effectbrought by the direct light source, wood grain pattern was chosen tofilter the light. The softened lighting makes the overall atmospheremore soothing.

Passing through the corridor into the bedroom, the ceiling with a sharpheight difference establishes the division of the scene; the sleepingarea decorated in warm colours condenses the sleeping atmosphere,while the embellishment with the titanium metal adds a visualaesthetic detail; the mix and match of both direct and indirectlighting complement each other to create a soft sleeping atmosphere.It cleverly echoes the artwork on the bedside wall, which does notonly interweave a fascinating space, but also makes the wall as thefocus point of the bedroom.