The Austin

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New-Home Renovation
Tsim Sha Tsui

Createa quiet atmosphere through natural material textures

The owner was fascinated by a relaxation living room, which is then takenas a starting point by the designer. Quoting the French thinking, a quiet atmosphere has built through the natural material textures, in the meanwhile, a multi-functional hall is finely created.

The open bar table design brings the warm sunlight into the room, which has become a picture frame scenery by nature, showing a vast glossy green scenery; pairing with Bulgaria marble, it slightly adorns the rigidity of the cold colours. The flexible open living room designwithout any wall partition definitely brings a spacious sight of theunit.

The bedroom is infused with a clean and refreshing life intention, allowing abundant sunlight to flow into the room. The texture of the building materials is softer and more delicate. Finally, it is paired with plated metal and slate to create a distinct spatial expression; soft furnishings are configured to define the scene. The division offields makes every corner of the space a visual highlight; the marble TV wall in the living room injects a sense of softness with a neatcorner.