Prince Ritz

square feet
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whole house remodeling
kowloon city

Living room demonstrates a feeling of stylish and maturity.

To create a calm and unique style, designer deliberately chooses different layers of dark grey as a color theme.

TV cabinet is designed with different shades of stone texture materials, to reduce the sense of oppression, copper panels is used as display, and dark mirror is lined below to widen the visual effect of the flooring. Regarding practical consideration, a cylindrical steel embellish and enrich the design.

Next to the dining table, there are hollow cabinets with elegant gray finish and enhance the consistency of living and dining room. A curve bronze hanging shelf is designed for placing accessories, marble panels which is also used to echo the whole design.

Master Bedroom

Entering master bedroom, the grey-toned elements coherence the style of living and dining room. Regardless the wall color, black leather-grained wardrobe, and storage platforms,
all of which are arranged in dark tones.

The layout of this master bed is different from the typical ones - placing the bed against the wall. This time, we arranged the bed in the center of the room, facing the window view allowing the owner to enjoy a more comfortable and quiet environment. A dressing table positioned behind the bed headboard for makeup usage, headboard is manufactured with beige leathers on the curve edge for grand and elegant look.

Next to our ensuite, we built a set of large cloakrooms, one of the door is a hidden door to the bathroom, which is designed to turn the rooms more concise and practical.