Park Yoho

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New-Home Renovation
Yuen Long

Drawing inspiration from the nature, acing the green landscape of the garden,the parent-child house with a glossy green landscape is created. Theinterior is mostly in the warm smoked black wooden tones, bringing azero-stress earthy calm tone and constructing a comfortable andrelaxing modern French style.

By breaking through the shackles of space, in the modern French design,meticulous feelings are brewed, and a practical field full ofinterest is created.

The sofa with a low back is chosen to allow the mountains and green viewoutside the window becoming part of the scene at home; the diningroom is equipped with a dining table for four people, which is notonly a work table for the owner, but also suitable for family andfriends gatherings. Next to it, it is a wooden sideboard where thelight snacks with tea can be placed. When elegant wooden sideboardcombines with dining table, interlocking with each other, making thevisual and dynamic lines richer and rhythmic.

The master bedroom uses wood as the main building material, and thebedside wall uses wallpaper. The small cloth pieces in jungle greensuede, with the streamlined arc edges, adds a touch of elegance forthe overall space, in the meanwhile, exudes a rich yet soft modernatmosphere.