Grand Yoho

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New-Home Renovation
Yuen Long

Elongatingthe visual sense of the entire room with the sand tones, it hasinvisibly created a sense of order.

The interior is based on the natural sand colour scale, and iscomplemented by the natural warmth of ebony and rattan materials. In the opposite, the living room is relatively noiseless, where you cansavor the tea and create a romantic time together. Under the integrated planning of the design, it releases an open and free spacefeeling, which is transformed into the structural beauty of thebuilding.

The dark wood grain and off-white walls in the entrance hall create acalm atmosphere, and the flooring splicing with different materialsestablishes a clear separation of the space; the screen at the borderwith the living room does not only satisfy the sense of transparentspace, but also ensures the privacy of the home space. Entering theliving room, the proportion of dark colours is greatly reduced. The light bamboo mesh is used instead, with the light tone colours tocreate a more soothing overall atmosphere. The curved design of thecurtain pelmets has focused the line of sight and gave the facaderich rhythm. The design is simple but not monotonous, and it does notonly introduce natural lighting, but also enriches the interactionbetween family members.