Grand Promenade

square feet
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Sai Wan Ho

The design uses a large area of white space to invisibly ease the pace of life of modern young people. At the same time, titanium-plated metal is used to infuse the exquisite and delicate look of the dwelling.

The large window view and abundant greenery accompany the sunlight entering the room, a feeling of serenity and comfort. The atmosphere brings the two heads of households back to the essence of life together. The stone texture of the TV wall wallpaper continues to the end wall of the corridor, and the unique and exquisite facade design becomes the first impression of the residential field; the soft furnishings are decorated with gray-green colors, which are particularly eye-catching under neutral white. , adding a touch of naturalness; the side half-waist wall continues the soft pine and cypress green, invisibly transforming into a feature wall when dining, not only cleverly using this design method to make the space separation more obvious, but also not wasting a corner, let the beautiful atmosphere enjoy

Walk in the life trajectory of the owner. In the bedroom space, the back wall of the bed head has a semi-arc characteristic cabinet door to create a sense of quietness and comfort. The color of the space is velvet white as the highlight of the space, and the velvet surface retains a sense of coziness and laziness in the sleeping space.