Festival City

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whole house remodeling
tai wai

They don't need to be identical, they do need to share the same design language.

This apartment in Festival City craves for mature and grand french design atmosphere, our designer applied high contrast of material usage, combining rusted mirror, classic marble stone, and dark veneer on furniture with traditional mouldings to create a wide variety of shapes and layerings.

Living rooms are the workhorses of the modern home, accommodating rest, gathering, and play. They can be private family spaces or more public entertaining zones. They must ooze comfort and conviviality.

This comfortable living room has stunning views through the ground-to-ceiling windows, furniture, lightings and accessories are balanced with bespoke units housing art creating a sense of intrigue. We aim to focus the design on vertical spaces, hence the lightings and ceiling design should be minimal and modern. While they don’t need to be identical, they do need to share the same design language to make the overall space balanced and coherent.

Master Bedroom

To anyone who asks advice about

learning “design”, this strange myth of our times, I reply: go to life classes, this is the school at which to learn design.

- Piero Fornasetti