Cullinan West

square feet
Date of commence/ 
New-Home Renovation
Cheung Sha Wan

The visual focus of the unit falls on the storage design of the livingroom. Beside the rich textured TV wall, following the curvy ceilinglayout, with a highlight of charming halo, the connection between thecream white boards and the metal hangers has transformed thepractical storage space into a view that never get tired of, whilelet the owner display the collections. The cabinet is finished withmilky white cloth pattern, giving it a warm humanistic and artisticatmosphere.

The dining area is at the extension of the corridor, with using the sameelements to create an overall feel. The soft low chroma coloursfarewell to the hustle and bustle of this city, giving a leisurelyand slow-paced dining atmosphere. Through the flowing arc lines ofthe ceiling, the area has demarcated, with the designed in depth andshallow levels, in the meanwhile, forming a natural rhythmic beauty.The atmosphere of the cabinets besides is extended by the stonesurface of the TV wall, creating a sense of simplicity and freshness.The delicate and elegant curvy iron table legs in the dining areawisely echo the curved design inspiration in the public area.

The master bedroom with a base of calm medium grey tone, embellishingwith fabrics and curved shapes, give a quiet yet warm feeling. Theother three bedrooms are well designed according to children'spreferences, one is light in colour, embellishing with wool white,echoing the gentle and romantic character of the little girl; theother one uses pewter grey stone pattern as a jumping colour, whichfully shows the personality without appearing oppressive.