Cullinan West

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new-home renovation
cheung sha wan

By the texture and color of the jazz white slate.

To create a comfortable residence, apart from aesthetic considerations, we regard people as the core of the design, and customize exclusive solutions for each guest’s needs. This time, the guests will invite friends to the house and enterprise for dinner on weekdays, so we built a set of tall bar cabinets in the living room area.

Living Room

To make the most of the natural light we have in the long-shaped living room, we deliberately chose the horse hair wallpaper, allowing the sunlight to shine on the wall and highlight the texture.

Wallcovering | Lentex - Ziba

Marble wallpaper is applied on the TV wall to reduce grout joints of tiles. Materials are intertwined with the same colour tone to create an elegant style.

Apartment for a family of five, craving for entry-lux atmosphere. Entering the foyer through private lift lobby to the apartment, enjoying the sense of mysterious and grand experience, surrounded by marble stones, dark leather and textured fabric, a full range of materials used.

The symmetrical wood-colored veneer cabinet is decorated with curved stainless steel. The hollow space is enriched by stone-like texture and color of the jazz white slate. The brass hanger is made of bronze glass, marble laminate and leather panel. In addition, a wash basin is installed for special occasions with your loved ones.

Master Bedroom

Bedside Table | classicon - Bell Table

The false ceiling is an indispensable part of the bedroom. Curve-edged light cove matched with recessed lighting is essential to create different lighting effects for different scenarios through the smart home system.