Crescent Green

square feet
Date of commence/ 
new-home renovation
yuen long

You can feel the rich wall expressions and meticulous design.

Entering the house, a bright scenery on the balcony bring vitality to the interior space.


A variety of materials are ingeniously matched, including mirrors, grille lines, dark and light materials, and the French herringbone flooring creates a delicate sense of beauty.

Matte white tone applying on stone finished island, feature wall panel and artistic wallcovering, matching with beige leather and lighting effects, creating different layers of material usage, providing a glamorous atmosphere and richness in visual effect.

Designer also outsource fascinating wall lamps and pendant light to embellish the design. In order to keep the focal point in eye level, we keep the ceiling neat by installing false ceiling and having recessed lighting. We play with lighting system and the distribution of differnt kind of spotlights and track lights, making is design timeless and worth a second glance.

By relating the same design dialogue into bedroom, designer used a marble wall lamp next to the headboard, we chose warm light to keep the warm and cozy atmosphere at this resting place.