Baguio Villa

square feet
Date of commence/ 
whole house remodeling
pok fu lam

Layout Plan

Furniture arrangements and mood tone is based on daily needs.

Apartment located in Pok Fu Lam, a traditional luxury estate with a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle city.

Living Room

I tell stories through materials, forms and textures, to introduce a level of refinement in form and natural pigments with humble materials.

Wallcovering | Bolta - Malta Linen

Light tone veneer, indoor plants, and stoneware bring nature into the interior.

This Korean family of four pursues an elegant and simple atmosphere, we arranged light wood panels on the TV wall with dolomite to bring out a sense of simplicity and luxury. Next to it, crystal-patterned marble and special wall lamps were added to increase the layers of space.

The layout plan, furniture arrangement, and mood tone were designed in a way to make the most of the mesmerizing sea view and to bring in the most natural light into the apartment.