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Whole Place Renovation
Kwun Tong

Smoky veneer add a texture of retro French style

The design of Inch. exhibition hall is based on a neat modern Frenchstyle, embellishing with smoky toned veneer furniture to bring out avintage texture. The entire space is demarcated by the bar tables,which allows blending a sense of ritual into our daily life.

Entrance hall is clearly divided with the black and white boarder tilesflooring, while the dark wooden colour floor-to-ceiling cabinets areharmonious with overall space. The hanging picture on the wall, withthe sunlight shining on it, expresses a feather-light touch of thespace. To keep our designers’ insistency on the aesthetic, woodenflooring is laid out in a herringbones pattern.

Stepping into the living room along with the herringbone pattern flooring, arow of arch columns catches the attention, presenting a sense ofelegancy and romance. These arch columns are interwoven with theretro smoky toned veneer and the warm white artistic coating, whichbring out a sense of ritual while the sunlight from the windowsshines on them. Bamboo rattan shelves are planned on the backside ofthe columns, with an exquisite craftsmanship putting the rattan andthe black veneer brackets together, forming a soft and elegantperspective.

Dining area is in in between the kitchen area and the living area, where asense of classy is exuded by intermingling the walnut toned veneerwith neutral colour tones, also, the spacious tables make a flexibleuse of the space. Cabinet partitions are used to replace thetraditional wall partitions, which allow to visualise and widen upthe space. The big working desk with the comfy sofa armchair fulfilthe needs for both the office hours and after-work party time, whilethe kitchen table is embellished with the Bulgaria marble stones,perfectly demonstrating the elegant French style.

With choosing the warm light tone and discarding all the boringunnecessary layouts, we keep our space neat and pure. Every singlepiece of household accessories is chosen meticulously, in order toenhance the quality of the space, match with the gracefulvisualisation, and at the end, turn the entire space into a kind ofenjoyment.  

The office with light and elegant colors eliminates unnecessary planningand keeps the space pure. It is matched with carefully matchedfurniture to virtually enhance the taste of the space. With beautifulvisual design, the space becomes a kind of enjoyment.