Zeno Lo


Mr Zeno Chan is a director and co-founder of Inch. Interior Design. The firm is a realization of his passion for interior design and dedication to the pursuit of creating the perfect place where his clients call home.

Interior Design is a Combination of Creativity and Comfort

We put great emphasis on intellectual creativity. Interior design is an industry that emphasizes on creativity and is a career that brings sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. We strive to create a place where our clients feel the most comfortable. We are an advocate for innovation, luxury, style, comfort, and practicality. From furnishings and materials to artistic conception and functionality, we provide the most professional and meticulous service and make sure that our design not only satisfies our clients’ needs, but also exceed their expectation.

Our Clients Sit at the Heart of Everything We Do

People are at the heart of everything we do. The essence of interior design is to pay attention to details and our communication with clients. By understanding our clients, we can design a unique home that ingeniously meets each and every need of our clients. Our dialogue with clients plays an irreplaceable role in our design process. They help us understand their personality, living habits, their own definition of comfort, and the elements they have been longing for to see in a home. Therefore, we can incorporate these elements in our project, together with our vision and expertise to create a design that tells a unique story by providing personalized, meaningful, inspirational, and long-lasting solutions.

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