Synthia Wan


Ms Synthia Wan is a director and co-founder of Inch. Interior Design. In 2020, Synthia was the recipient of the Best Space Design Award from the Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA). Subsequently, she was awarded the Hong Kong Most Outstanding Leader Award and the Hong Kong Most Valuable Company Award in 2021. Leveraging on the unique female professional touch and rich experience, taking the customer's request as inspiration and transforming it into a design that suits their needs in life, has always been the design concept that Synthia insists on.

The Needs of Our Clients are What We Care the Most

I believe that a good designer needs to possess a unique and professional sense to fully understand the needs of clients and realize them in designs. We are committed to understanding what our clients want, including those that are not mentioned by clients or are harder to express in words, we are able to fully demonstrate their needs in the project.

Perfect Balance of Functionality and Beauty

We hope to inject energy and vitality into a space. We believe that the interaction between the two is a key element that makes a design exciting and interesting. Our design is not only a space where we can express our ideas, but also stimulate the feelings and emotions of the user. Balance is vital when sculpting a space. Finding the perfect balance is one of the key design principles we hold. From laying out a floor plan to selecting finishes and materials, we look into every detail closely in order to find the perfect balance between functionality and beauty.

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