Video Log: Inch. Interior Design

大家好!歡迎再次嚟到我地既拍攝日記,今日我地嚟到日出康城晉海同埋何文田冠德苑,幫我地既合作夥伴Inch. Interior Design既YouTube channel進行拍攝。

Hello everyone! Welcome to our shooting blog again! Today we are going to LOHAS Park— Wings at sea, and Ho Man Tin—Kwun Tak Court to shoot YouTube videos for our partner Inch. Interior Design.


This time we filmed about how to decorate the apartment and how to clean and protect the floor and furniture, etc. Also introduces the design inside the apartment for reference.

到左單位之後,我地都係進行基本既set up,進行全方位拍攝,希望可以展現單位既所有特點比大家睇。

After arriving at the flat, we did a basic set up and conducted a full range of shooting, hoping to show all the characteristics of the apartment to everyone.


The biggest difficulty is that there is a lot of unplaced furniture, and the sound of decoration hinders the shooting.For example, the radio and angle are difficult to capture.

總括嚟講,雖然呢啲問題無可避免,但正因為咁而增加左我地團隊既默契,我相信未來我地會做得更加好。最後希望大家會鍾意我地既blog post,記得繼續留意我地既新片啊,我地下次見!

In conclusion, although these problems are unavoidable, we have improved the teamwork spirit within our crew. I believe we will do better in the future. Finally, I hope you enjoy reading our blog post and remember to pay attention to our new video, see you soon!