Miami Beach Towers Renovation


Today, we visited the of Miami Beach Towers renovation site with our designers to inspect the furnishings and the progress of the interior furnishings of the house.


On the final days of renovating, the designers will routinely come to the house for final inspections to ensure that everything in the house were at the standard that our designers had imagined.


Our construction team are planning on how to install the glass pane for the bathroom. This is due to the heavy and fragile nature of the glass, and with the space being relatively small, our construction team need to be extra careful.


Our designers designed a wall with character for the living room, the high cabinet next to the wall was separated with multiple layers , and equipped with a rather cool-colored lights in the cabinet. The designer intentionally reserved the space for the homeowner to place  commonly used shoes.


I believe that everyone rarely has an insight into the renovation of a house. If you want to see the house after it has been renovated, please remember to look out for our showcase post coming soon on our website blog!