Ziinlife: Tree Folding Table | 吱音原創:树哲长桌

Grant Yim
October 10, 2019

The Amalgamation

Ziinlife has become a brand synonymous with great multi-functioned furniture. In the past they have created relatively artistic furniture that doesn’t really serve much purpose other than add interest to the space. However the latest entry that they have submitted to us, the Tree Folding Table is leaps and bounds better than their previous entries.

At first offering a 5-star review for a table that folds seems relatively strange, it is the first time that we have indeed offered 5 stars to any products. But in a completely unbiased perspective, we hope to explain in the following paragraphs why the Tree Folding Table is really a dream-come-true for interior designers such as ourselves and perfect for the market here in Hong Kong.

It is like a tree, it breaks the earth, grows, and bends. It holds a certain kind of theory in this world. Find the golden key beneath the Tree and open the door to a world of design philosophy!
Inch Interior Design Ziinlife Tree Folding Table Picture 1

Conceptual Reality

The concept is simplistic enough, to solve the issue of having a large horizontal plane in tight space, you add a two-point hinge to pivot it vertically, add a diagonal y-axis piece to act as a smaller ‘table’ and you’ve pretty much got a 2for1 deal. The execution however is really what amazes here.

Firstly adhering to the minimalistic design philosophy of Ziinlife, the table cannot be complex, thus it is milled form a single piece of walnut wood. Seocondly, practically issues such as the the size of the ‘smaller rounded edge’ on the bottom had to be carefully designed to allow enough clearance for normal horizontal use without obstructing the legs.

The challenge here is how do you create a table sturdy enough in both the vertical and horizontal positions? The legs are limited to vertical axis only. Thus, Ziinlife has created a robust cross design to keep the table sturdy in both positions. The team here at Inch. were first in awe of how brilliantly designed this product was. 

Tree Folding Table is simple. It is easy for people to fold up to save more space to store more thing. Tabletop seamlessly folds up for easy storage.
Inch Interior Design Ziinlife Tree Folding Table Picture 2

Standalone Beauty

In its horizontal state, the table can comfortably serve as a four person dining table. Vertically it can work as a small coffee table. In reality the transition between the two is seamless and easy, twit the ‘golden metal key’ at the hinge to unlock the table and then carefully turn it to its side.

Gorgeous in its own regard, the simplicity of the table allows two things. Firstly in a sophisticated interior space, the table can work well with the surroundings without drawing too much attention. Secondly, in more subtle nuanced spaces the table blends seemlesly with minimalism.

Transitions elegantly from a table to a room divider. When folded up, it can even be used as a small coffee table.
Inch Interior Design Ziinlife Tree Folding Table Picture 3

The only thing that I will note from my personal experience carrying this table (fully assembled) across the street between two buildings, is that this table is surprisingly heavy., so perhaps folding it up and moving it around might not be the most practical of things; but it doesn’t need to be. If you have an event at your place and need more social room to move around then this table fills that requirement perfectly.

The structure beneath the table acts like a natural support for the table. When the table is folded, it becomes a little desktop with a radius of 15cm. The key-like golden handle ensures the balance of the entire structure whether the table is folded or open.
Rotate the table 90 degrees clockwise, you can change it to a lovely screen. It will add a sense of romance to every thoughtfully decorate home.
Inch Interior Design Ziinlife Tree Folding Table Picture 5

Inch. Design Rating | 5.0/5.0

FUNCTIONALITY (5.0) - The Tree Folding Table’s surface area has adequate dimensions to fit in most modern apartments in Hong Kong. Its vertical foldability increases space yet still offers a small platform for the placement of objects, it was thoroughly thought out.

AESTHETICS (5.0) - The Tree Folding Table’s rounded slim profile is eye catching, milled from a solid piece of wood, the smooth seamless surface is elegant. In its vertical state, the folding table creates a large surface that immediately enhances its surroundings.

BUILD QUALITY (5.0) - The table base is stable and sturdy, the main focus would be the strength of the folding joint, which after strenuous testing has shown strong resilience to loosening or creaking.

MATCHABILITY (5.0) - The table comes in two colours, namely ‘greyish green’ and ‘natural walnut’, the minimalistic profile and foldability makes this table the “jack of all trades” as it could subtly fit into any complex interior or seamlessly blend into more minimalistic ones.

PRICING (5.0) - The price range varies between $3,899 and $5,999 HKD depending on the materials and size selected. For a modest designer table, and given the high points scored in both functionality and aesthetics, this table is really a ‘bang for your buck’. However, we do believe the *additional installation service of $250 HKD is slightly excessive, it is an option consumers can go without.

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