Ziinlife: Improvise Chair | 吱音原創 : 即興椅

Grant Yim
August 6, 2019

Horizontal Symmetry

The Ziinlife Improvise Chair is a strong entry into the market for minimalistic designer furniture. This time they presented us with a product that is not only features a gorgeous appearance and robust build, but also has shipping logistics and packaging designed in mind.

More than often, choosing a chair to pair with your dinner table in the living room is a relatively hard task. With a plethora of designs available in such a widely competitive market, Ziinlife offers something more discrete yet outstandingly dynamic.

Balance in life is hidden between all the unconsciousness.

Form Over Function

It will take a second glance to realise that the improvise chair is made from two identical pieces of conjoined 'L' shaped round pieces. This continuous and minimalistic design makes it stand out from its competitors. The rounded black steel base and legs is tilted at an angle emphasising improved balance for the user when he leans back. The aesthetics of the Improvise Chair is unquestionably unique, and it works exceptionally well with any 'round edged' minimalistic interior design.

Improvise Chair is a flexible and lovely chair with two different size and shape chair's arm. However, it looks totally different from other chairs, which is the reason why it stands out from others.

Ziinlife has integrated an 'economic solution' whilst designing the product. By separating the backrest and arm support into two pieces, it allows the packaging of the product to be significantly smaller; shipping at a much lower cost. However this then comes at the cost of comfort, the back support and the seat padding is the same meaning that it doesn't provide particularly good back support nor is it particularly comfortable to sit on.

The rough wool fabric that covers the high density foam (HDF) comes in 4 differen colours (Grey, Green, Blue, Black). The wool offers a strong textured feel and absorbs incoming light reflecting a 'matte' apperancance.

Back rest, seating cushions and chair arm are interlocking with each other to create an interesting structure. Since chair legs are core components for the entire structure, and design of the chair, therefore, it put much emphasis on it. With this kind of design, it stabilises the chair and reduces packaging fee.

The Green Improvise Chair is pictured in the centre of the photo below, showcasing how it works in together in harmony with other Ziinlife products such as the Tree Folding Table. It is displayed at Inch.'s newly opened Kwun Tong office in its 'Entrance Lobby' showcase.

Inch. Design Rating | 4.0/5.0

FUNCTIONALITY (3.5) - The improvise chair serves its purpose, albeit not very well. If you're looking for something with adequate padding, back support you'd look elsewhere. It sacrifices function for form, in other words what it lacks in comfort init makes up for in aesthetics.

AESTHETICS (4.5) - The Improvise Chair's rounded profile is outstanding. The horizontally flipped design will certainly be a topic for discussion at any event.

BUILD QUALITY (4.5) - The legs are made from sturdy steel, and the high density foam (HDF) seat paddings are durable.

MATCHABILITY (4.0) - The seat comes in 4 different colours, but the steel legs only come in black. This limits the ability to pair the chair with interiors that require the 'inverse'. It would be nice to see wooden, or a white variant of the chair legs.

PRICING (3.5) - Priced at $2,099.00 HKD would mean a table for 4 would set you back approximately $8,000.00 HKD. The build quality and aesthetics makes up for it, but the decisive factor would be comfort and this its wholly dependent on the perspective of the consumer.

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Ziinlife is an absolutely incredible company, having won the Gold Idea Design Award for 4 years in a row (2014-2018). If you are interested and want to find out more about Ziinlife's design furniture, please check out the following links below:

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