Ziinlife: Freestyle Cabinet | 吱音原創:自在櫃

Grant Yim
July 21, 2019

Inspiring Flexible Furniture

When it comes to modern furniture, Ziinlife is a company that immediately comes to mind. Standing at the forefront of minimalistic and functional innovation, the Ziinlife Freestyle Cabinet is a strong example that balances pragmatic storage space, flexible design and a robust build.

When placed horizontally, it could ideally be positioned next to a sofa or serve as a low bedside table, conveniently storing your magazines and newspapers in one compartment, with decor such as lamps and flowers in the other. The multi-function removable tray can be used as a coaster or a place to keep your keys and other such items close.

The Freestyle Cabinet is pictured in the lower left corner in the above photo, showcasing how it works in harmony together with the space unobtrusively. It is displayed at Inch.'s newly opened Kwun Tong office in its 'Master & Children Bedroom' showcase.

Standing or laying down, alone or combined, this cabinet is always at ease. Freestyle Cabinet is bright and light, it tastes like summer, and looks like a shadow of a tree.

The Freestyle cabinet, when placed in its vertical position creates a slimmer taller profile due to its rectangular design. This taller profile helps it fit narrow spaces ideally for apartments in Hong Kong where spaces are limted. The extra verticality, and its simplicity allow it to breathe life into any corner of the room, whether it be next to the sofa in the living room or the bed in the master bedroom.

Inspired by banana leaves, the all-metal Freestyle Cabinet features diagonal lines that go from one plane of the cabinet surface to another, creating interesting angles that look like banana leaves.
This vibrant cabinet can be placed vertically or horizontally to suit the needs of different space. The absence of doors and the open top allows the enclosed metal plate to act as a tea table while attached, as well as a removable tea tray.
The design is meant to be open and flexible, giving you a brand new experience. Whether you use it as a coffee table, bedside table, a home for plants, or a cat's cradle, Freestyle Cabinet lives as it wishes.

With the simplicity of modern furniture, Ziinlife's Freestyle Cabinet capitalises on its 'open-mindedness' in the sense that without pre-defined use, its function is limited to what the owner can think of. Want it to be a miniature cat-house? Why not?

Inch. Design Rating | 4.5/5.0

FUNCTIONALITY (5.0) - Flexible storage space both in its horizontal and vertical positioning allows for great storage functionality.

AESTHETICS (4.5) - The minimalistic and perforated design ideally suit any 'modern interior' design.

BUILD QUALITY (4.5) - The high-quality wood and metal build is robust and sturdy.

MATCHABILITY (4.5) - It comes in 5 different wood finshes and 4 different paint colours, an extensive range to suit any interior design.

PRICING (4.0) - At $1,599.00 HKD the price is reasonable for a designer furniture item.

A great example of what modern design furniture should be like, Ziinlife successfully balances functionality and aesthetics, offering consumers with a wide-range of color and material choices, earning this product an Inch. Design approval rating of 4.5/5.0.

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