The Capri - 360° Tour in 3D

Grant Yim
April 7, 2019

Minimal Colour Palette

When our lead designers Zeno Chan and Synthia Wan designed the interior of this appartment in Tseung Kwan O, they did so with an extremely limited colour palette. The light blue walls accentuates the already spacious interior whilst projecting a calming effect into the atmosphere in the room. The additional glow of the yellow ambient lighting adds warmth to the room during the night whilst simultaneously keeping the room brightly lit.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong - The Capri 001

360° Tour & 3D Floorplan

We have teamed up with Matterport to showcase our designs. For an immersive experience click the link below:

Storage Space

The usual limiting factor of a minimalist space is that the walls are not optimised to be adequately used as storage space. Therefore Zeno and Synthia were faced with a challenge to incorporate additional storage space whilst balancing the spacious feel of the living room. The solution was to create a functional storage space incorporated into the floor to create a raised platform, whilst simultaneously doubling as a spacious workbench for a 'home office'.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong - The Capri 001

Functional storage spaces in the floor to create an elevated workspace partition.

Living Space

As with most of our clients, the most important room win the house would most definitely be the master bedroom. Complete with an open walk-in closet with an extraordinary amount of storage space, it builds in the feeling of spaciousness whilst maximising sunlight, leaving the view completely unobstructed.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong - The Capri 003
The spacious master bedroom.
Inch Interior Design Hong Kong - The Capri 004
Open walk-in closet with compartmentalised storage spaces.

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