Summit Terrace Renovation | 翠豐臺裝修進度


The Objective


Today, we will be exploring the renovation site at the Summit Terrace. The preliminary electrical wiring and wall resurfacing had already been completed. Our main objectives today are to fit and test out the lighting.

Living Room


The paintwork has just dried, so our team is seen here hard at work fitting the rows of lights into the ceiling. Here we can see the first row has already been setup with the additional bulbs being fitted in the back.


The final lightboxes are being fitted here in the master bedroom, most of the lightbulbs in the hallway have already been fitted as well. The only lighting that is left to be finished is in the kitchen.


The spotlights in this room have been completed, our other team is busy fitting in the curtains in the room.


After finishing all the procedures in the master room, the cabinet and the shelf at the bedside have just finished the installation work, and they can move in after completing the cleaning process.


The kitchen re-work has essentially been completed, and with the electricals and lightiing work finished today the Summit Terrace appartment renovation is nearing it's final stages of completion. We're on time and ready to finish!

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