Flower Wonderland | 花夢谷

Zeno Lo
September 26, 2019

Winter is Coming

NC Garden is an internationally renown artificial flower design and manufacturing company, it was our humble privilege to be invited to visit their new renewed showroom with the winter theme. The slightly bleached and washed out colours are prevalent throughout this years colour palette. Ms. Chan, the creative and leading director of the company expertly balanced the level of hues with a combination of frosting and shimmer to complete this collections ‘winter appearance’.

The sophistication and realism achieved with these artificial flower designs is attributed to the variety  of high quality materials used in the manufacturing process.
Inch Interior Design Flower Wonderland Picture One

The showroom itself is divided into multiple large sections, although we couldn’t put an exact number we estimate that there are over 500+ unique floral designs in the showcase, with the additional colour varieties, there are literally over 1000+ flowers across the showroom floor. 

The slightly washed out tone is attributed to the up and coming cooler climate period, with the flowers easily paired with Christmas decorations around the house, or the lobbies of hotels and commercial buildings.
Inch Interior Design Flower Wonderland Picture Two

A Splash of Colour

If all of this seasons products were washed out it would make the flower collection seem rather ‘bleak’ (pun intended). A spectrum of reds blues and greens are introduced with other flower varieties such as the hydrangeas and cosmos. The introduction of a deeper red brings across the theme of Christmas. With the slightly faded blues bringing out the deeper details in the room, pairing well with light coloured interiors.

Inch Interior Design Flower Wonderland Picture Three
Warmth can be brought about with warmer tones of yellow and orange, Ms. Chan’s incredibly well rounded collection does not neglect these, introducing a variety of sunflowers evening out the atmosphere.
Inch Interior Design Flower Wonderland Picture Four

Can we just take a moment to marvel at the complexity, the realism and the artistic value that these artificial flowers just bring the room? The quality of these flowers remains even whilst closeup. Ms. Chan has stressed that although compared with real flowers the beauty is incomparable, the nature aura of the flowers beauty is encapsulated in the embodiment of these flowers, with the added advantage of undying permanence.

Two words, simply breathtaking.

Office Brought To Life

Bringing these flowers into the office added much needed ‘life’. It really does make a space feel more connected and lived in. The slightly rustic and bleached look pairs well with our modern minimalistic interior, the colours do not draw one’s attention away from the space, but adds a subtle level of complexion to the space.

Inch Interior Design Flower Wonderland Picture Six

We would like to very kindly thank Ms. Chan for this incredible opportunity and this trip has widened our teams overall creativity, inspiring us to incorporate more appropriate floral accents in specific designs.

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