New Office Development Progress | 觀塘辦公室裝修進度


Furniture Has Arrived!

Here is a quick look at the current unfinished state of our new office in Kwun Tong. The master bedroom showcase alongside the children's bed has already been constructed.

Inch Interior Design Office Kitchen

The Kitchen Showcase

Here is the current look at Kitchen counter, the refrigerator will be concealed inside the large cabinet, the microwave will be stored below. This counter will be illuminated by an LED light strip that runs along the underside of the top cupboards. Featuring fully electric 'hands free' mechanisms as well as 'smart devices', the is our vision to create a comprehensive modern kitchen.

Inch Interior Design Office Kitchen

Working Space

The working space is located behind the kitchen counter next to the wall of windows towards the back of the space. It is planned that there would be 4-5 designers permanently based here in the Kwun Tong office, and the space has enough workstations to host up to 8 people.

Inch Interior Design Office Workspace

So for the time being, the team and I are working on the dining table just next to the kitchen counter. And yes, we do eat on this table too (it's not just for show)!

Upcoming Developments

The rest of the furniture is due to arrive next week and the team is extremely excited, however I personally am more excited about the access to air-conditioning we will receive next week! The air-conditioning in the building operates out of a 'centralised system', we are granted access to this starting next week!

Inch Interior Design Office Walls

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