Shek Kip Mei Estate ‘Pearl Grey' Design Breakdown | 石硤尾邨設計介紹

Synthia Wan
December 14, 2019



Living Room

Catering to the lively and warm atmosphere of the homeowner, the designer used the minimalistic design of the pearl white tone dining table and chairs and lamps as a neutral buffer zone. The living room has floor to ceiling cupboards providing plenty of storage space. The touch of gold brings excitement to the neutral light colour palette of the room.



Sharing Space

The larger bedroom is a room accomodates four people. Based on the principle of balance and bisections, the designer designed two sets of balanced upper and lower beds, effectively utilising the space. Privacy is maintained whilst adequate sunlight passes through unobstructed giving the room a spacious feeling.



Independent Space

Each bed has its own small bedside lamp and socket, which is matched with the gray leather headboard, conient for the homeowners to read and rest on the bed without light leaking and disturbing other occupants.



Walk-in Closet

Another space area is designed as a cloakroom with dressing and work areas. The table has a foldable mirror that can be deployed when needed, the transparent glass shelves enhances the spaces liveliness and the closets are positioned to allow in maximum sunlight.




Bedroom Design

The other room is also designed in the double bed . A wardrobe and staircase drawers are designed below, making good use of every inch of storage space. The space is simple pearl white with light ginkgo veneer, bright and soft.

Working on this house was a lot of fun and very exciting, we look forward to designing more challenging spaces accomdating many members. This interior renovation has been featured in NEW HOUSE's August 2019 Edition, to discover more about this please head on over to our portfolio page.

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