Seven Victory Avenue Design Breakdown | 加多利軒設計介紹

Synthia Wan
January 9, 2020

Monsoon Green

設計單位整體佈局以自然大體為主,設計師於大廳選用沉實自然的色系作設計主題,以Monsoon Green和古董白作對比,利用色調配襯帶出設計風格。

The overall layout of the design is mainly natural. The designer chose a solid and natural color system as the design theme in the lobby, compared Monsoon Green with antique white, and used color schemes to bring out the design style.



Space Division 

The designers unified the storage locations to form a characteristic wall effect in the living room t, creating a set of multi-purpose giant storage cabinets with a width of 14 feet.The designer also carefully planned some decorative areas to reduce the oppression brought by the large lockers.



Texture Comparison

The kitchen adopts an open design, and the cabinets are uniformly designed with wood grain, forming a deep contrast with the floor, creating a spatial level and implementing the design style.



Bedroom Design

The bedroom design uses rock gray blue and ebony veneer as design hues, creating a solid and generous style. An double bed creates a trip-type iron ladder, and the lower floor is a locker. In order to make it easier for the owner to access the objects, the designer also carefully arranged smart sensor lights inside the cabinet to provide a bright and convenient storage space.



Cat World

The room on the other side is mainly the cat world created by the owner for pets. The designer took into account both aesthetics and practical planning at the same time in the design of the house.To improve the practicality of the room and allow cats to rest and play.

Working on this house was a lot of fun and very exciting, we look forward to designing more challenging spaces with pets in mind. To discover more about this please head on over to our portfolio page.

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