Mount Pavilia Design Breakdown | 傲瀧設計介紹

Synthia Wan
December 28, 2019



The Afternoon Sun

The designer used plain white colour as the theme to show the sense of interior space. The living room floor was decorated with Italian wood grain floor tiles to implement the overall elegant style. The plante and the home design complement each other, giving a natural feeling.

Minimal and Energetic

Wide floor to ceiling windows that open to the outside balcony, the living room welcomes plenty of natural sunlight. In our design, we kept everything in this area as flat as possible to leave the light coming into the living room unobstructed.



Dining room Design

The dining room is scorched by a three-dimensional flower-shaped chandelier, which makes the dining environment more stylish.



Bedroom design

The owner's master room is elegantly designed with grey straight-grain wallpaper and a twelve-foot closet, which can neatly store the owner's clothes for the four seasons.



Bedroom Design

As for the son's room, the designer reserved a space of the desk so that he could concentrate on studying and reading in the room.



The Study

The working room has a hidden door leading to the maid's room, providing her with a comfortable private space to rest.
Working on this house was a lot of fun and very exciting, we look forward to designing more spaces with pets in mind! Our design on Mantin Heights has been featured in Today's Living November 2018 Edition, to discover more about this please head on over to our portfolio page.

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