Mount Pavilla Design Breakdown | 清水灣傲瀧設計介紹


At A Glance

Mount Pavilla is a housing complex located in Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong. We were given the exciting opportunity to renovate the interior of this newly built residential apartment. In this design breakdown I would like to explore the subtle nuances that we have given the interior of this functional appartment.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Mount Pavilla

A yellow tinted ambient lighting reflects off the white surfaces to create a 'teal & orange' colour grade.

Minimal and Energetic

Wide floor to ceiling windows that open to the outside balcony, the living room welcomes plenty of natural sunlight. In our design, we kept everything in this area as flat as possible to leave the light coming into the living room unobstructed.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Mount Pavilla

Plants add an additional layer of harmonious balance to the space.

We carefully selected a ceiling light that adds another layer of complexity to our minimalistic designs. The shadows cast by the flower petals on the centre light piece brightly illuminates the table yet creates interesting patterns overhead.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Mount Pavilla

Whilst the table is perfectly illuminated, the overhead shapes cast add another layer of complexity to the design.

The unique 'zero gravity' cabinet with a clearing space adds functionality and storage space to the living room without making the space feel claustrophobic. Also note how the spotlight has been positioned above the centre of the entrance doorway adding an additional layer of depth to the scene.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Mount Pavilla

The opened cabinet spaces allow plenty of storage and functionality for the clients everyday use.

Cleverly positioned in the living room, are the various speakers in the overhead boards which create a level of symmetry with the opposite wall. The speaker systems are placed in positions where it would produce the best ambient sound without interfering with the simplicity of the design.

From this angle, the speakers can be seen positioned near the ceiling of the living room.

Winding Down

The master bedroom is shares the same large windows and view as the living room, thus in our design it only makes sense to carry the warm living room theme into the master bedroom as well. The wardrobe spans the entire length of the room as we had to balance the spaciousness of the king-sized bed without compromising storage space.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Mount Pavilla

The children room employs a more blue-ash tone with a wide desk for work brightly lit by LED's as well as a display cabinet for showcasing and storing their collectibles.

The children room employs a bluer colour palette that reflects the scene outside.

The final room in the house is a functional storage space as well as a piano room. A brightly lit work and study space is tucked away in the corner with a Yamaha upright piano on the other side which completes the view.

*A sidetone is that the picture frame on top of the piano is just for aesthetic purposes and has been removed after the taking of this picture, because placing objects on top of upright pianos actually interferes with the acoustic resonance and projection of the piano. Fun fact!*

The study space and piano room.

This has been a fantastic opportunity to be able to work alongside a client who shares the same interests as many of our designers do, onwards and upwards!

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