Mantin Heights 'Ailurophile' Design Breakdown | 皓畋設計介紹


The Cataholic


The 'Purrfect' House

When approaching interior designs, we must strike a balance between form and function. For this particular client in 'Mantin Heights' we were faced with an exciting challenge to create a living space for both the owner and her pets, she has a total of 6 cats that shares this space with her together. This is a two-bedroom appartment, and the client requested that we incorporate the cat living spaces into those rooms as well, whilst one room is used as the master bedroom, the other would serve as a storage space.



Feline Space

We were not only faced with the challenge of designing pathways and platforms for the cats to play with, but we had to also incorporate these elements into the furniture designs whilst adhering to our overall design theme of the house to create a seamless canvas, that carries the theme from the living room into the bedrooms as well. The most fun was designing a kitty-litter box in such a way where it is built into the cabinet discretely, maintaining ease of access whilst solving 'smell' related issues.



Minimalistic Elegance

The living room has glass panes that reach the floor allowing plenty of natural light to flood the room. Natural lighting paired with light cream walls creates a sense of elegance in this minimal space.


整體佈局以簡約為主,配上壁畫、燈飾、擺設等點綴細節,頓時增添幾分時尚品味。磨抓子是貓的特性,為免沙發及其他家具成為它們的抓板 ,於是在走廊入口加設趟門,方便戶主管理貓咪的活動範圍。

Spatial Separation

Cats have a great habit of scratching up everything! Whether it be the ornaments on the shelves or the living room sofa, spatial partioning and separation is important. Whilst the owner is away, we have designed an unobtrusive sliding door that seals the main corridor in the house, stopping the cats from coming out, giving the owner some peace of mind.



A Touch of Gold

In this two bedroom appartment, we have a room dedicated to storage, so there isn't much storage space in the living room. This increased flexibility allows us to allocated more space to the 'living room'. In doing so we have a green half-sleeve cabinet, and adding golden features and ornaments helps make the caibinet appear more conspicuous. The TV cabinet next to it is decorated with dark oak. The depth of the wall is contrasted with the wall to create a more spacious feeling.
Working on this house was a lot of fun and very exciting, we look forward to designing more spaces with pets in mind! Our design on Mantin Heights has been featured in NEW HOUSE's February 2019 Edition, to discover more about this please head on over to our portfolio page.

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