Hoi Lok Court Design Breakdown | 長沙灣凱樂苑設計介紹

Synthia Wan
December 18, 2019




Spacial Highlights

The living room adopts a washed out palette with bright lighting illuminating the space effectively to enhance the spaciousness of the room. The further accentuate the space, the kitchen and master bedroom flow continuously into the living room to create one large open space.



European Style

The living room draws from European style inspiration for the design language. The minimalistic TV cabinet and shoe cupboard are accompanied by embellishment details such as small potted plants and furnishings, which immediately adds a little fashionable taste.



Master Bedroom

The master bedroom tackles the issue of storage space efficiently, it does this by raising the level of the bedroom and adding sufficient storage space beneath accessible panels in the floor. The room flows into the closet built directly into the connecting corridors.



Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom employs a nordic design with sufficient overhead storage spaces, a single bed and a three feet work space.

Bathroom Design


The bathroom implements warm lighting emanating from the mirrors to contrast the stone walls and floor. There is also plenty of storage space in the mirror cabinet and sink cabinet.



Open Kitchen

The kitchen is an amalgamation that seamlessly flows from the living room and entry way, our designers removed the wall that separated the two spaces to enhances the ‘open-ness’ of the room. The warm kitchen strip lights alongside the natural lighting from the window create an enveloping and comfortable atmosphere for the home-owners whilst cooking.

Working on this house was a lot of fun and very exciting, we look forward to designing more challening spaces requiring storage solutions. To discover more about this please head on over to our portfolio page.

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