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Synthia Wan
November 1, 2019

Moody Blues

單位風格偏向簡約清新,用上不同系列的藍色配搭,讓人有置身於海洋中的感覺。戶主喜歡以簡約輕北歐 和休閒為主的設計風格,同時亦偏愛海藍色 單位牆身油漆利用不用色調的藍色 貫徹整個單位視覺色系。

Our client requested the style be in a simple, light nordic style with a colour palette that are variants of ‘sea blue’. Thus when designing this unit, we used implanted this motif, utilising different shades of blue for the walls to complete the visual colour system.



色系使用上不同系列的藍調,為單位貫徹Moody Blues的主題,同時為了令油漆的分界明線乾淨利落,設計師連同工程團隊也為此單位花了不少腦汁和心思。


Colour Jigsaw Puzzle

A feature of the living room is the large panoramic wall that stretches more than 20 feet. Keeping with the light nordic design, we used different ‘paint art’ methods to breathe more life into the space. We used different hues of blue to further implement the theme of Moody Blues, and in order to make the paint clear and clean, our designers and the engineering team had to use new painting application methodology. 
In essence, our approach was to use car painting technology too solve issues oof oil sweeping paint, the surface is then made smoother and stable with the effect and radiance higher than that of ordinary latex paint.



Spacial Partitions

The open design enhances the sense of space in the living room, whilst flexible sliding doors adds to the functionality and privacy of the room. This flexible design solution allows our clients to change the space as they so please.


大廳和客廳的吊趟門上都增設燈槽設計,同時於安排燈光模式上也設計了不同氣氛的場境設定,讓戶主可以自由組合,為空間的使用情況而定。大玩特色空間規劃,打破房間間隔,設計出開放式大套房,分劃男女戶主之衣帽間及共寢區。房間牆身顏色主調是Moody Blue,貫徹整個空間之餘,更帶出單位外全海景的海洋味道進入房間內。左邊位置通往男仕衣帽間,右邊通往女仕衣帽間。床頭間隔櫃上加設燈槽效果,與原則之窗位陣樑追平,營造一體的效果。

Light Mode

Lights are strategically placed throughout the living room, illuminating the hanging doors of the hall whilst keeping the atmospheres in the different partitions different. The lights are arranged in such a way that different switches activate different ‘lighting modes’, so our client can freely use the lights to work with the space.


大玩特色空間規劃,打破房間間隔,設計出開放式大套房,分劃男女戶主之衣帽間及共寢區。房間牆身顏色主調是Moody Blue,貫徹整個空間之餘,更帶出單位外全海景的海洋味道進入房間內。左邊位置通往男仕衣帽間,右邊通往女仕衣帽間。窗簾用色用上Neutral Warm White作為與藍調之間的緩衝,其中寢卧間的窗簾及燈光設計更利用智能設計方案,讓戶主可以透過感應器及智能手機作出自動感應設定,智能化解決日光、溫度等帶來影嚮睡眠質素及人手操作等問題,讓戶主可以真正享受一個舒適休閒的空間的設計。

Master Bedroom Design

Our designers ran with an ‘open space’ plan, separating the space with an oversized headboard creating an open large suite space. The common sleeping area and the closeted space flow seamlessly, with a his and her closets separated on their respective sleeping sides. It’s the little things that count.


Dream Closet設計了兩組通透感較強等飾物櫃,讓女戶主可以欣賞到心愛的皮具、高級訂製品及珠寶手飾品。女戶主偏向輕歐式設計,並要求同時兼偏簡約感,設計師主要利用啞色幼花線作為櫃門板的點綴,與啞雪白色的木皮飾面作配襯。 

Closet Detail

A dream closet designed with a transparent glass overlay and other accessory cabinets allowing for the missus to showcase her luxury jewellery and leather-goods. Our client requested a light European influenced design yet keeping the designs minimal. Our designers used the matte young flower line as the embellishment of the door panel creating a matching Snow White veneer finish.


浴室利用大紋理Cream White色調的磚作主磚設計,呼應卧間的窗簾色調,令設計風格統一。


The bathroom is designed with a large texture of Cream White tones as the main brick, echoing the shades of the curtains in the bedroom.

Working on this house was a lot of fun and very exciting, we look forward to designing more spaces with flexible partitions! This interior renovation has been featured in NEW HOUSE's November 2018 Edition, to discover more about this please head on over to our portfolio page.

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