Wings At Sea II Concept Breakdown | 晉海3D圖介紹

Nathan Leung
August 20, 2019

Small Yet Mighty

This 473sqft apartment located in Phase 2 of the 'Wings At Sea' complex in Lohas Park was first listed for sale back in early 2017. This is a relatively new appartment complex that has just finished completion and has units up for sale. This specific concept was designed for a client in Flat B a unit with 2 rooms and 2 living spaces.

Although there is only one living room, in traditional Hong Kong culture, the living room is divided into two 'living spaces' a living room and a dining room.

inch interior design wings at sea concept art render 1

The materials used here are sleek and contemporary, the wooden 'earthy tones' keep the space warm and inviting. When designing this space I chose wooden floor planks that are beautiful to behold, durable and quietly comfortable for all who walk across it. Opposite the sofa a flat-screen television and audio visual console table rest against a matching grey wall and have been perfectly framed with wooden shelves.

One side of the streamlined galley kitchen is decked out with chrome cabinetry and a smooth granite top, while the wooden cupboards transform appliances such as the microwave into a seamless work of art.

Simple Charms

Simple charms in the room shows that a pale gray palette doesn't need to be dull, this living room is well-appointed with a dining table tucked away, sitting flush against the wall creating a bright and breezy atmosphere.

Featuring a simple scheme that wouldn't overwhelm the space, the largely grey colour palette that has been softened thanks to the addition of a plush pale green sofa creates a calming atmosphere. The Windows also allow in plenty of unobstructed natural light.

Practical Style

Featuring a relatively neutral and calming palette, the master bedroom exerts a comfortable 'clean' vibe. Decorated with wooden flooring, a wooden headboard and wallpapers behind the bed frame. The textured headboard adds a slightly raw finish, whilst the golden and artwork adds a touch of elegance to an already 'clean' room.

Clean and contemporary, the guest bedroom and study space exudes an air of tranquility thanks to the folding bed which can sit horizontally against the wall. The light yet silent colours in this room amplifies the feeling of spaciousness in the study, and the choice of using wooden furniture adds a touch of 'warmth', adding a sense of understated grandeur.

The neutral cool tones introducing splashes of colour through finishing touches crafted from petrified wood adds a subtle layer of complexity.
Working on this house was a lot of fun and very exciting, we look forward to challenging small spaces with our functional solutions. My concept design here will be put into the 'construction phase' very soon. To discover more of our concept designs, please head on over to our portfolio page.

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