Victoria Skye Concept Breakdown | 天寰3D圖介紹


A Taste of Blue

客廳電視櫃以胡桃木皮為主調,搭配大花白雲石面,帶出簡而不失其華的格調;深藍色牆身則帶出全屋設計概念 - 藍調的味道。

The living room is designed with a dark blue wall isolating the living room from the bedrooms with a concealed door. This partition creates a unique enclosed space featuring cabinets made from high quality walnut wood finishes. The simplicity of the surfaces creates a minimalistic appearance whilst the combination of lighter whites and dark browns bring a subtle layer of complexity back into the room. The artificial flowers and wall paintings breathe life into the living room whilst the balcony lets in plenty of unobstructed sunlight.
Inch Interior Design Victoria Skye Concept Image 001

設計師於配襯餐桌椅方面,建議利用幼紋木皮的餐桌和棕啡色皮革的餐椅作為與open kitchen的呼應。

The matching dining tables and chairs help round out the contrasting brown colour palette, extending the warm hues and theme into the kitchen. Our designers have boldly decided to use colours within in the relatively small space to match the artistic requirements of our client and create something truly minimalistic and unique.
Inch Interior Design Victoria Skye Concept Image 002



Master Bedroom

The ’Taste of Blue’theme carries over to the master bedroom complemented by warmer earth tones. The balancing of different shades of beige and browns creates a relaxing atmosphere. The cabinet has been placed on the left side to leave the window unobstructed. This unique combination of colours creates a soft distinctive charm.
Inch Interior Design Victoria Skye Concept Image 003



Master Study

The master study is given a more ‘executive’ feel, with a combination of dark woods and a special aluminium ladder. Our designers chose to introduce metals into the work of this room as it creates a more versatile design. There are subtle light strips to create a well-lit work environment with he work desk positioned to overlook the calm sea.
Inch Interior Design Victoria Skye Concept Image 004



Floorplan Redesigned

Inch Interior Design’s team decided to completely remove the wall separating the master bedoom and the guest room to make space for a set of double-use feature wall cabinets. This creates extra space to  meet the storage requirements of the household.
Inch Interior Design Victoria Skye Concept Floorplan

Designing the interior of this Victoria Skye presented us with the opportunity to experiement with a less conservative/ traditional Chinese colour scheme. We look forward to challenging small spaces with our functional solutions. To discover more of our concept designs, please head on over to our portfolio page.

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