Sai Kung House Concept Breakdown | 西貢屋3D圖介紹


My Kind of House!

We were privileged enough to be able to design the concept interior of a two story house in Sai Kung, this house sports a grand lounge area with two bedrooms with walk in closets, a home office and a gym.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Sai Kung House
Master Bedroom

This private sanctuary was designed with functional shelf spaces with a clean beige monotone palette with a gorgeous theme that extends to the master bathroom.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Sai Kung House
Master Bathroom with standing shower and soaking bathtub.

This particular client prefers having a home office with plenty of sunlight, expensive materials with a darker and more modern interior colour. Large paintings and leather seats are the cornerstone of such home offices whilst hanging ceiling lights creates a more 'spacious' interoir. The absence of gold in this room its replaced with wood to bring a more organic touch.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Sai Kung House
A darker colour pallette enhances the more professional atmosphere.

Spaces and Lighting

The larger the room, the more important it is for natural lights and lighting; an unspoken rule of design. The theme of the master bedroom continues in the guest bedroom and the spaciousness is exemplified as shown in the image below:

The guest bedroom invites in natural sunlight.

The focus on suspended and ambient lighting in this dining room/lounge further accents the spacious atmosphere and the spotlights add to the warmth of the space.

Inch Interior Design Hong Kong Sai Kung House
A sense of grandeur, the warmth of a home.

For our bathroom designs, we also try to incorporate as much natural light as possible, as well as utilising both spotlights and warm ambient lighting to fully light up the space.

A clean simple bathroom design.

Keeping Fit!

Sai Kung is a relatively secluded area, having a personal gym in the house is great in poor weather conditions. The large space allows for form and functionality, in this instance we've added the basic cross trainers and treadmills as well as a light weights area.

Cardio and weights area.

Designing the interior of large houses are exciting and a lot of fun, we're eager to see what the future holds!

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